brake repairYou rely on your brakes to keep you and everyone else on the road safe. When your brakes are in trouble, you need to call on the experts to get them repaired as quickly as possible. Without a healthy braking system, your safety is at risk. At the first sign of a problem, make sure you contact the pros at Flyin Wrench as soon as possible. Our factory-trained technicians can work on the braking system of every make and model of all European vehicles.

Common Braking Problems

Whether you drive a domestic or European vehicle, there are universal red flags to be aware of if you suspect you have a braking problem. First, your brake light may come on to indicate that something is wrong. If your car pulls to one side when you press on the brake pedal, or if your pedal feels “spongy,” this is a serious indication that your brakes need repair. Leaking brake fluid and screeching, squealing, or grinding noises mean that you should take your vehicle to our facility right away. The sooner you catch a brake problem, the better you can get it fixed before it’s too late and before it ends up being too costly.

Brake Repair Services

At Flyin Wrench, we can perform a myriad of brake repair services for your European vehicle, including:

  • Replacing pads and shoes: squealing usually means you have issues with your brake pads. A screeching sound may mean your pads need to be replaced. Worn-out brake pads can damage your rotors which can be even more expensive to repair.
  • Rotor resurfacing: the rotors are attached to the wheels and connect your brake pads for safe stopping. As the pads grip the rotors, your wheels stop turning. If the rotors start to wear out, let our experts resurface them so that they’re back to excellent working condition.
  • Calipers: uneven braking may be due to issues with the brake caliper. This part is where the brake pads sit and fit around the rotors, pressing down like a clamp to help your vehicle stop. We can replace your worn-out calipers for safer, smoother braking.

Other brake repair services we provide include inspecting and replacing your brake hoses as needed. We also perform brake fluid flushes to ensure maximum braking performance. If you have an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), our experts can look for any issues and make all the necessary repairs.

For all your European automotive repair and service needs, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Flyin Wrench in Woodstock, GA, or give us a call  to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

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